Louisville Title, Northwest Ohio’s largest locally owned title agency.

Simplifying Commercial Title Services
The complexity of purchasing, selling or refinancing commercial property in today’s economic climate takes exceptional and innovative professionals to see it through.

Louisville Title’s Commercial Services Group has the most experienced and skilled professionals of any in the region.   Our service area includes all of Ohio and Michigan and through our partnerships, we can accommodate nearly any transaction throughout the country.  Our experts have been in the trenches learning the nuances of small and large, simple and multi-faceted real estate transactions for nearly 70 years.


Consistent Quality
Choosing Louisville Title Commercial Services Group as your commercial title company, you’re guaranteed direct access to our highly trained professional staff of attorneys, title examiners, escrow officers and management team. That means you’ll have peace of mind knowing that our expert staff will manage the process from examination through closing.  Our consistent quality has made us the #1 choice for commercial title services in the region.

Our Commercial Services Group has exclusive access to commercial files.  This is our protocol as we believe that confidentiality is an essential component to your transaction and further because the experience and skill of our commercial team members is unmatched in Northwest Ohio.  We are able to navigate through each aspect of the transaction from beginning to end and will provide invaluable assistance during the due diligence process, whether your transaction is local or national.

Proving It
In business, trust is everything.  You can trust in the expertise and professionalism of Louisville Title Commercial Services Group.  Trust us to take the lead and experience the results yourself.   Let us prove it to you.